About Us


Portland's Top Custom Builder we started as a top custom paint contractor in 1993, creating a reputation for exceptional quality in custom home finishes completing the 1999 Street of Dreams and awarded best of show for our finishes this is our brand. Every job large or small is finished with this same meticulous 3-4 coat finish when deciding on a builder look close and compare our exceptional quality


Jeremy Young President


Market focus luxury custom homes

We began in 1993 as one of Portland Oregon's most sought after paint contractors delivering absolute stunning finish work and exceptional customer service to all Portland Vancouver metro areas finest luxury home builders. Our level of quality sets the bar way above the competition.


Top honors for exceptional quality

We were part of a team of subcontractors that took Best of Show in the 1999 Street of Dreams, only the highest quality contractors work on these homes. This is the level of quality you get in every home we build.

What sets us apart from other builders

We have over 26+ yrs of hands on custom finishing woodwork, in homes as big as 15,000 sq ft, and over 400 new luxury custom homes, finishing all woodwork, walls and exteriors, applying only the highest quality finishes. Very few builders have this hands on experience! It's what sets us apart from the competition, We know fine finish, a level of quality you only understand if you are an expert craftsman on custom finishes, we are and all our homes get this quality every time!

Hands on quality

We are on your job site every day managing, protecting every phase whether it is finished woodwork, concrete or hardwood floor we never let another sub damage anything that is finished and needs protection I always remember other builders not caring about this most important detail not us we cover anything that might get accidently damaged just part of our extreme passion for being the best!