New Home Builder Lots | Why You Should Buy Now| Oregon/Washington

What is happening, Investors are buying up all the available lots and land at your price, the price you should be paying, this is history repeating itself, it drives the price of land up, and manipulates who and where you can build, this means you don’t get to pick your builder!! and quality goes down the drain. The problem is lots are running low in a lot of areas and developers aren’t developing new land. If people looking to build don’t react now!! and let these lots go, you will pay at least an extra $40,000 for your home, this is markup and profit for Investors and Realtors. Contact us we will start a lot search for you

Pre- Sale Custom Homes

At J Roderick Young Custom Homes we are always trying to generate some pre sales, If you have any clients you’re working with, that might be looking to build, I am willing to spread the wealth with profit sharing, Our quality is exceptional, a walk through of one of my homes, which I would love to schedule is jaw dropping our in house custom paint jobs are amazing, I was an award winning paint contractor in the street of dreams our home took best of show, that exact same quality is what we put in every home we build, I just need a great investors, realtors, bankers, brokers, anybody to work with and build on this, also you will find us at the top of search engines for appropriate key words, our brand is firmly in place, backed by 23 years in the business with NO CLAIMS EVER! let me know :0)